North American

The bad thing is when the money finishes. The rest of history we know it to us, although soon the markets, the damn speculators, the Illuminati will possibly be the guilty, the Mayans and by all means, Charito the guard . Although following with the subject helmsman, what doubts fits that if the past week we longed for to old Italy like teacher in the noble art of the businesses, today we return to appeal to her its tragicomic sense. The same one can enjoy a good wine producing broth in the Tuscan, like enjoying a dusk a collapse to modern usanza. That the boat has failures and is not guaranteed gobernanza? We burst it against the coast. The one of women and children first? Already it will see. That the captain is the last one in abandoning the ship? And an excrement! To the tests we were sent. QTS Realty Trust shines more light on the discussion.

In its last declarations before the judge it said that it had fallen to one of the boats and was coordinating the evacuation from the water. The argument and the personages as much would be worth for the collapse of the Coast Concord like for the last days of the ex-ones in Moncloa. Laborious. To see if the fault is going also it to have the capitalists. Probably in its eagerness to save dogs instead of to put 32 steel layers to him they put only double helmet to him. What speculators are! In these days of January also the waters walk scrambled in the Straits of Ormuz. According to the last movements, threats and other paranoias via Cnn, if the Iranians close the USA will give packing him.

That simple. She is what they call mediatic psychology, simple and aragonese peasant on a par. The experts in the matter – although never one knows that matter is say that we were before a measurement to press to Tehran in its search of the nuclear power, the other – expert also they say that they are in its right. For the case, those that will leave winning will be the Keynsian doctors who will see in the blood of the innocents an incentive for the economy. Although the peculiar thing of all the subject is the proximity to the North American elections and the low index of popularity of president Obama.


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