A trip on the same Novosibirsk takes time and extra costs. And then straight on the job 🙂 "Lucia Simonyants, designer, NegTel, Armenia," I received guidance on the design of the project documentation and now calmly and bravely, without a doubt I can draw your project. This guide is written in the form in which I wanted to see him. So my expectations justified. Thank you for your work. "Igor Kireev, Invest-Project, Moscow:" The first thing worth mentioning-depth study of extensive material on a given topic and the result is a product that is useful and important need in the work and designers, and Zakazchikam.Polezen and needed not only for beginners, but even long-running. Visibility, which again affects dostupnost.V skill work with the audience, the ability to not leave indifferent and bored participants. Second, the author does not stop there.

Make adjustments in the material, given the emergence of new documents. Although, honestly, and with the operating time you can live in peace and thanks again for rabotat.Esche work and useful material. "Alexei Belov, designer, TransVoks:" Dmitri, I received your manual and I think, why could not write as standards. All laid out on shelves. All described. THANK YOU! "Vitaly Borisov, Arsenal + (partner AMP), Tyumen: 'The information contained in the workshop is very relevant today, despite the fact that the construction and design of SCS initiated in our country long enough. Thank you very much for work done to develop the Guidelines. Very useful and indispensable instrument NOTHING! And as the authors correctly feedback on it – it will use more time to give it a draft, not the clearance.


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