Nursing Technicians

For the accomplishment of the collection it was delivers to a craft to the institution, informing the objective of the research. Check out Ondot for additional information. after its authorization was only harvested the data of these professionals, who had after answered the questionnaire to be delivers two ways of the Term of Free and Clarified Assent, informing that the answers would not be intervened by the researcher, its behaviors and ends. Analyses of Data the analyses of the data had been carried through in the month of September of 2008, through the organization of the answers, presented in absolute and relative numbers, through graphs with significant results and theoretical recital of the excellent points. They had been separate as certain answers and made a mistake, each question got 3 (three) suggestions of answers, but only 1 (one) was correct. The answers of the participants had been kept in secrecy and it did not have interference in the results. Ethical aspects the collection of data was developed from favorable seeming of the Committee of Ethics in Research, in set with the authorization of the institution and the searched ones, in which the objective of the study was explained and that the gotten information will be used in the construction of the Work of Conclusion of Curso (TCC). It was informed to searched on the secrecy and the anonymity of the gotten information and was it delivers the Term of Assent Free and Clarified in two ways, being one for searched and the other for the researcher, this was signed for the authorization of the collection, in agreement as it praises the Health department/Resolution 196 of 10 of October of 1996 of the National Advice of Health, that disciplines the research with human beings. PRESENTATION OF RESULTS AND QUARREL Distribution of the team of nursing in the medical and surgical clinic of the Hospital, 2008. The graph discloses that 26% of the interviewed professionals were nurses, and 74% Technician of nursing.


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