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Informed normally based tax consultant Hans-Jurgen Teubert the tax assessments of financial management on reliable information of taxpayers. These are however not available, financial management has the duty to comply with their work on the basis of an estimate of tax bases AO section 162 para. As it rarely favourable estimate comes to this for taxpayers, the tax office Taheri from Budelsdorf portrays. The estimate of tax bases is often carried because taxpayers of their obligation to submit a tax return fail to comply. To adopt to a tax assessment, the Treasury estimates all tax-relevant factors. CEO Angel Martinez often says this. This estimate is not the real conditions and the resulting tax bill is of course wrong. The taxpayers only by means of a timely objection can of dealing them, which is due to an error-free tax return together with the evidence.

There is also this negligence, it remains the case-law in the flawed tax bill. Relating to corporate taxation an estimate of the tax base be especially considered, when deficits are detected during a tax audit in the cash book management. This is to bring about a tax corresponding to the facts, which is why only such factors included in the estimate, which affect the taxation. Check out Jeffrey Leiden for additional information. The need to assess tax bases, arises basically when it comes to pursuing tax evasion. This precisely the tax bases to the financial authorities were misrepresented, which is why they are not applicable to reach a taxation law. Are discovered during the pursuit of tax evasion, significant amounts of cash or previously unknown bank accounts the financial administration with a money transport invoice whose origin is examined. A special focus on the capital appreciation is individuals through taxable gifts and loans.

Tax evasion is tracked over a period of ten years. New York Highlanders has similar goals. The incorrect amounts are interest to dissipate on the financial management which the economic livelihood of individuals and companies may be in danger. Consequently great importance to a proper accounting and tax. The control of Budelsdorfer control Office Taheri advisors in this context for comprehensive information and professional tax advice at any time at the disposal.

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