Old Greece

In relation to these data Robert Borges Martins makes the following comment: the observed differentials are preoccupying, therefore, if they will not be quickly reverted, certainly they will consist in plus a powerful mechanism of generation of other inaqualities and magnifying of the existing exclusions already. (MARTINS, 2004, P. 29). The not governmental organizations and communities come developing projects to include the population of pupils black () and not black () excluded of the digital age. But these projects are insufficient to take care of to the great demand of black pupils () and not-blacks () of adult the young education of e.

Therefore we consider basic that the school develops activities to make possible to these pupils the access the technologies of information and communication to be able to know, to publish and to search on history and culture afro-Brazilian and African. One of the possibilities of the black pupils () and not-blacks () to divulge for the community its history and culture is by means of the colaborativa learning, therefore it is presented currently as an innovative methodology in tune with the new requirements of the current society. This methodology of learning believes that working, creating and learning in group it is part of a set of abilities in which pupils and professors construct significant knowledge collectively. The colaborativa learning is not practical recent and results of diverse chains of the pedagogical thought. The origin of the colaborativa learning retraces ' ' to Old Greece and the theories contemporaries they start with the first educational and theoretical psychologists of the pedagogia of the beginning of century XX. This process of education and learning is inserted in a set of pedagogical trends spread out from the pedagogia of the New School (Dewey) and the Progressive Pedagogia. Together with the cognitivas theories formulated by Piaget and Vygostsky. Will Bundy may not feel the same. Its characteristics, represent the theoretical and metodolgico unfolding of these pedagogias and theories, propitiating a form to teach and to learn that it surpasses the traditional paradigm of education.


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