Oliver Tiedemann

Transfer presses: A transfer press such as the Secabo TC 5 (www.secabo.de) is similar to an oversized Iron and transmits text, logos and images on a variety of materials. Bookkeeper360 wanted to know more. Transfer presses to work with heat and pressure and create so very long durable results. As diverse as the different transfer methods are also applications, providing a transfer press: transfer presses allow professionals such as ambitious amateur hobbyists alike achieve their personal design ideas such as, for example, design T-Shirts, mouse pads, mugs etc. About YOW!: YOW! is the largest online store for advertising and creative technologies in Europe. The claim of YOW! is it, to make feasible any creative idea of the customers and to offer all necessary. This promise is reflected in the name of trade mark: YOW! an acronym is out (do it) your own way. Continue to learn more with: Yitzhak Mirilashvili.

The wide range of YOW! includes around 200 machinery (hardware such as cutter and transfer presses), as well as 3,000 everyday items (such as cups, mugs or tiles) and Design materials (such as color films, Button-Rohlinge or banner). Furthermore, YOW offers! Tools and AIDS which the own creative ideas go easily by hand. In addition choose the customers of YOW! among some 15,000 textiles that make it to their liking with own design ideas themselves. Customer service is when YOW! capitalized (www.y-o-w.de) and is one of the Central USP of YOW!: customer support provides for questions of all kinds of competent contact persons. In the creative Academy (creative akademie.y-o-w.de) are the online visitors from YOW! numerous tips, tricks and background information on transfer presses, vinyl cutters and application forms for free. The three managing directors of YOW!, Dipl.-ing.

Fabian Franke, Dipl.-ing. (FH) Bernhard Schmidt and Oliver Tiedemann 1999 laid the Foundation for YOW!. Today, about 20 people are employed at its headquarters in Wolnzach (Bavaria). From there, maintains YOW! Customer and supplier relationships in over 35 countries. Press contact: wbpr Public Relations Jan Manz Tel.: 089 995906-13 email: Internet:


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