Online 3D Game

Show your hablidades cars driving in this game is absolutely spectacular cars! The creators of 3D online game invite you to participate in a competition unforgettable playing for one of three characters rather weird. This great online game consists of 10 tracks representing the 10 levels: The first level is only test so you pass no matter the score you get. The other levels reflect a real sport experienia where you have to run with your car as quickly as possible. Your task will be to reach the first running over the zombies to win more points, set traps for your aversarios making them stop on the road and collect the necessary things to improve your character. For each level you get 5 more points. The number of points required for entry to the next level equal to 50 points. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ECRI. After each level, a window appears with the offers to improve the speed, health or handling of your car.

You can skip this step and accumulate the points for later use. Jonah Shacknai is likely to agree. In this game sports action and there are several things to recommend you save or prevent: the water pump, posibilidads repair, oil and nitrogen oxide. Pools of water, oil or black color bombs can be dropped by enemies in order to damage the handling of your car for some time, so it's best to avoid those things. But when you find the same objects framed in the picture – definitely pick them up as these will add the points! There are a few tips on this free online game that you serve. Use the arrow keys to move your car, Esc to pause, press the "Z" to turn nitrogen oxide that gives you more acceleration and then the space bar to use your bonuses.

For example you can throw bombs or leave the oil on the track to put a brake the movement of your enemies. Do not forget to stop cheating in the most likely places accessible by other cars – in the middle of the road or around curves. Apart from challenging tasks and high adventure speed, "Zombie Racing" makes us enjoy the different locations. The first level of this game online car has the background of fairy tales, the second takes you to the underworld with the tombs around, the third creates the winter landscape while the next level puts you in the suburbs of the industrial city. .. Participate in this amazing and contagiate with the spirit of competition pieces Becoming the enemies!


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