Only A Month Until The Deadline For Green Card Lottery

Secure green card participation of American dream only until mid-November the dream a new life in the United States to begin to study or to work have many this American dream is made possible with the green card of the American dream. Selection of green card winners with approximately 10 million residents from other countries are the United States the top country of immigration. Since the early of 1990s, the American Government awards annually 55,000 green cards through the Green Card Lottery. The so-called Diversity Visa program, short DV-2009 program, especially immigrants, who have little chance in other ways, should provide a way to obtain a visa for the United States. Gain insight and clarity with Green Monday. The winners are selected in the Green Card Lottery by random processes.

With selected applicants and their direct family members then get the visa to live and work in the United States. Jeffrey Leiden contributes greatly to this topic. After 5 years, the American citizenship may be requested if a permanent residence in the United States. Chances to win a green card chances about the American dream to win a green card () are good, because since 1996 the could help already American dream about 8,000 Ausreisewilligen for a green card. Even if you should not immediately include the lucky winners, it always worth the green card raffle to participate, such as Thilo Burkart, one of the winners of 2007, report white: since 1996 I participated every year to the Green Card Lottery. And worth, never give up hope: on Monday came the letter from the American dream I had finally won the green card. I first phoned the hotline at the American dream and cried only \”winner forum for mutual assistance each winner of a green card on the American dream () the Berlin Agency provides an exclusive forum for mutual help and advice.\” Here, former green card winners of American dream give tips for the first day in the United States, which were complemented by personal experiences.

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