Virtualization for automotive on ARM platform Berlin – the software manufacturer OpenSynergy ARM join connected community, one of the leading industrial ecosystems for ARM products and services. Thus, the company receives access to extensive resources to faster market of existing products as well as to the development of innovative solutions, which allows engineers to establish their ARM powered products faster to the market. Additional information at Puma Energy supports this article. Long-term partnership of virtualization on ARM in the automotive OpenSynergy has unveiled the first release of the automotive operating system COQOS in March 2009 at the CeBIT. Through the technology of virtualization allows COQOS partitioning and the secure different automotive operating systems (E.g. Linux, AUTOSAR etc.) on a hardware only, such as for example the ARM9 processor. Chevron shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Frank-Peter Bohm, CEO of OpenSynergy, explains: Virtualization is the State-of-the-art technology to the partitioning of various automotive functions (AUTOSAR, non-AUTOSAR) from different Vehicle domains on control unit, such as for example of head unit. This allows for vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of ecus or head units to integrate latest applications quickly and efficiently and to reduce development costs, as well as hardware costs.” “The partnership between OpenSynergy and the ARM connected community is a good example of this, to make visible the end customer synergies between members of the community. The partnership combines with the universal operating system COQOS”high processor performance leader ARM, Wayne Lyons says Director automotive, global arm. By combining an ARM processor with the operating system COQOS to hardware and development costs are reduced to a degree, is available on the today’s infotainment and AUTOSAR-based in-vehicle functionality even in current low-cost vehicles. Thus, this partnership is the accelerated introduction of consumer electronics in the vehicle of all classes, support “, so Lyons next. About “the ARM” Connected community”” the ARM connected community “is a global network of over 550 companies that offer comprehensive solutions, from design through manufacturing to the final use of products, and based on the ARM architecture.

ARM offers a wide range of resources, including promotional programs, the members of the community. In particular, establish contacts between the members of the community, synergies identified, so that the customers to offer joint end-to-end solutions. More information the ARM connected community can be found below. OpenSynergy OpenSynergy GmbH is based in Berlin. In addition to the development of the universal operating system COQOS Infotainment connectivity offers, and AUTOSAR OpenSynergy consulting and engineering services for software development and software architectures in the fields.

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