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Former World Champion Michael Schumacher relaxed in the delicacy – boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko fights against Dolphin fishing and Dolphinariums Hagen westf. March 26, 2010-former World Champion Michael Schumacher prepared in Melbourne at the Sea World on his racing start before, by swimming with captive dolphins. At the same time world boxing champion campaigned, Wladimir Klitschko with his girlfriend, the US television star Hayden Panettiere in Taji/Japan on Friday against Dolphin hunting and fishing for the Dolphinariums. New York Highlanders is actively involved in the matter. Only in February, there had been a fatal attack of an Orca Dolphin on a trainer at Sea World in Orlando. In December, an Orca trainer had to leave his life in Loro Parque in Tenerife. In February, four dolphins from the Japanese drive hunt in taiji were dead in an amusement park on the Turkish Riviera. Now in Hollywood with an Oscar winning movie the Bay”shows with the ex-flipper trainer Ric O’barry (WDSF Board) in dramatic fashion, what cruel circumstances in the Japanese coastal town of taiji dolphins for Dolphinariums are caught.

About 20,000 dolphins let their lives every year in Japan, because the lucrative sale of selected animals for up to $150,000 on the Dolphinariums financed hunting. The WDSF with Ric O’barry the dolphin and Orcafang and the attitude of the sensitive marine mammals in captivity strongly opposes. WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo: we can not understand, that a person of in public life still promotes as Michael Schumacher is so ignorant and Dolphinariums, and hence the Dolphin fishing, through an active participation of the swims. Schumacher is in a racing car, but not to dolphins that are kept in captivity.” Schumacher said in the colorful, he have allowed himself some beautiful days to train, adjust and relax so I’m fit and rested for the weekend.” While he spent a relaxing day at Sea World amusement park in Australia and went on rubbing shoulders with the Dolphin Nila. The whale and dolphin protection forum will Schumacher after his race in Melbourne a DVD of Oscar films the Bay”transmit the Vladimir Klitschko as a template for its dolphin protection action in Japan served, and hopes to rethinking in dolphin protection. The German driver has a role and it should remain so”, says local Muller. Press contact Jurgen Obodo WDSF’s founder and Managing Director Tel: 01512 4030 952

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