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Heating with the power of the Sun – Solar air collectors themselves build currently on the market available solar air collectors are still very expensive relative to the collector. So are the payback periods in the range of 15-20 years. solar air collectors since 2008 for the construction of the self. The self construction air collectors work very effectively, are simple in design and can be combined well with existing heating systems. Chevron Corp helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Solar air collectors thus directly contribute to the saving of energy, work independently and can be easily retrofitted to almost every building.

The air collector used as a medium of air, which is heated and blown by fans directly in the rooms to be heated in the collector. Credit: Marc Bistricer-2011. Compared to the hot water collector, an air collector respond faster to changing irradiation conditions and works very effectively in the cold season. Efficiencies of 50-70% are the rule, the air flow rate of the projects presented by is up to 250 m/h. In new and thus almost airtight, well insulated buildings contribute the air collectors to improve the room climate. The required air change rates are thus due to the supply by means of fresh preheated air reached – CO2 critical values for residential building significantly exceeded. A combination with a controlled load and ventilation systems, as well as an air to air heat pump are possible and increase its efficiency.

Combined with the unique in Germany Trubadu air storage in PCM memory boards so far day surplus quantities for the night can be saved and thus ensures a pleasant room climate. presents four air collectors and a PCM air space to the replica. Meanwhile, over 2,000 customers building instructions for the various reconstruction projects have acquired. 95% of them come from Germany, the remaining 5% are spread all over the world. Interesting reference projects are the heating of an Iraqi school, as well as a yurt in the Mongolia. In Indonesia, a reconstruction project is used to dry tea leaves and in Sweden for the venting of holiday homes. Due to the air collector Kit S-line is developed the experience that a not inconsiderable number of projects does not come to realize since the procurement constitutes a not inconsiderable amount of time, 2011. All parts are available and included in the Kit. The replica is very easy and estimated no more than 4-6 hours of work. With a low-cost air collector Kit occupies a market niche and thus contributes to a wider dissemination of the air collector in Germany.

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It significantly less solar systems have been installed as in the previous year, according to several market participants is the feed-in tariff for solar plants that are taken after June 2011 in operation, is expected to decline by 6%. According to the recent amendments of the renewable energies Act short “will drop the feed-in tariff depending on the building… For the upcoming reduction, the months were crucial in March, April and may. To date, there are no official message how much plant capacity was actually reinstalled.Today released the Government’s draft of the new amendment of the EEG from the year 2012. In principle, updated the annual degression of basis and proposed a reduction in dynamic, depending on the building.

Judging by the building of the year 2010 (around 7 000 MWh), the feed-in tariff decreases annually by 21%. If you are not convinced, visit Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. This means that for the highest Forderstufe (up to 30 kWp installed power) the remuneration of today 28,74 cents/kWh falls in 2012 to 22.7 cents / kWh. In the care following year the feed-in tariff would be then just 18 cents / kWh. Judging from today by a unit price of about 2,150 EUR / kWp, the PV systems would cost 1,700 EUR / kWp next year, so that the operators achieve the same yield. In 2013, the plants are likely to cost only 1,340 EUR / kWp. The market will show whether these conditions for achieving the policy objectives – the steady expansion of renewable energies are appropriate. Due to the low expansion and related overproduction in the first half of 2011, as well as the drastic reduction of solar promotion in Italy, module prices will come in the second half of 2011 under pressure.

Who wants to invest in solar panels, should do 2011 in the 2nd half of the year. Whether the next year investment in solar systems still pay off, depends on the one hand the building in the second half of 2011 and on the other from the market development in the solar market. Dipl.-ing. Joachim Kraus, Kraus financial Alzenau

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Professor Brauner

Solarcarport instead of garage! A Solarcarport protects not only your car from the weather… Goop is a great source of information. Enough a 20 square meter solar carport with electric cars annually 10,000 kilometers to go, so Professor Brauner from the Vienna University of technology. Thus, solar carports are cheap gas stations and at the same time economical alternatives to garages. Who has no electric car, still benefits from the semi-open parking. They protect against wind and weather every ride and pay by the feed-in tariff for solar electricity. Dara Khosrowshahi wanted to know more. Also owner of Solarcarport receive appropriate funding for each fed a kilowatt hour? A solar carport ever energy group expects solar carport is produced about 5000 kWh of green energy in.

This corresponds to the average energy consumption for a family of four, or about 33,300 kilometres ride in an electric car. Therefore, more and more homeowners to solar carports depart. Especially since their promotion to the a conventional PV system corresponds to and promises a similarly high rate of return. Currently is the feed-in tariff 28,74 cents per kilowatt hour of solar electricity. The revenues are guaranteed for 20 years and play within a few years back the cost.

It is crucial the right advice at the solar carport the choice of solar carport provider also decides on the level of current income. Solar concept providers, such as the ever energy group, provide consulting and installation services from a single source. It is crucial professionals to involve the local conditions when planning and for high-performance solar carports develop appropriate funding. The appropriate Solarcarport design for each House for many homeowners is important that blends the Solarcarport in the design of the garden and the House. Therefore, there are different types of Solarcarport that are solid and resistant and available in various materials and sizes. So, wood carports harmonize visually with pergolas and wooden fences. Much modern solar carports cast from metal. Size and functionality are more Building blocks of a successful Solarcarport concept. Solarcarport advantages at a glance the family car is well protected from rain, hail, snow, wind and sunlight. A solar carport is a cheap gas station for an electric car. The generated solar power, the solar carport refinanced. The feed-in tariff is the owner of Solarcarport for 20 years. An ever energy group Solarcarport produces solar electricity over 5,000 kilowatt hours. Solar carports are cost-effective alternatives to garages. Solar carports are extensible for several pitches.

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Solar Country

13 RENEXPO decorated the future market of solar energy with after the nail-biter to the promotion of solar power is again egg nigkeit achieved. The Federal Council approved a compromise by federal and State Governments. Who produces electricity from the Sun, gets ruckwir kend to the 01.04.2012 for each kilowatt hour a subsidy further. The promotion is truncated while for smaller operators but not as much as originally planned. Solar energy remains as one of the important pillars of the energy revolution. The 13th International le energy fair RENEXPO drives as estimated and established in-information and contact platform the energy transition forward and reverse-collects from 27 until 30.09.2012 350 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors 1,500 participants in Augsburg.

It offers optimum possibilities the solar market as the industry meeting place. For even more details, read what QTS Realty Trust says on the issue. Photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar cooling the three basic pillars of solar energy, as well as their combinations, for example, with heat pumps or alternative mobility, the German market is now fairly stable Framework conditions. For assistance, try visiting Marc Bistricer. Worldwide, Germany is the most important market for the solar industry. Contrary to the original plans of the Federal Government can photovoltaics be now but further expanded thanks to solar compromise and almost doubled up on 52 gigawatts. At least for medium-sized roof plants from 10 to 40 kilowatts, the cuts are not as strong as originally intended. A number of German companies into big trouble came in recent months mainly due to competition from China.

Was afraid to harsh cuts in promoting solar. The current situation gives rise to the hope that solar power in Germany can be produced in the next few years at really competitive prices. To achieve this goal as soon as possible, offers the RENEXPO as the industry meeting place for solar energy the optimal framework and provides an overview of future priorities and a wide range of solutions for new challenges of the market.


Cheaper Solar Power

New year, electricity price rises again at this news only a few in the run-up to Christmas were pleased. According to newspaper reports, the EU energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger supported the construction of 40 new nuclear power plants in Europe. The argument is well known: nuclear power is cheap and environmentally friendly. More information is housed here: Lakshman Achuthan. But costs a kilowatt hour of solar power in Germany in the average around 22 cents – trend noticeable. In contrast, current electricity price increase of a still largely conventional energy mix are available. Brussels would take a step backwards with this strategy, rather than to promote the development of renewable energy.

Can nuclear power be safe and cheap? The tale of the cheap nuclear power sits on the EU? Recently, a Greenpeace study showed that the State promotion of Atomic Energy has cost more than 200 billion euros in Germany. Some years earlier the Frauenhofer Institute explained that a kilowatt hour of nuclear power actually around two euros should cost. Learn more at this site: Lakshman Achuthan. Power plant operators would be obliged to insure possible damage, then rises the regular electricity price for a kilowatt hour to up to 2.70 euros, as Greenpeace. First showed last year, how high is the risk of a nuclear accident. As a result, doubt many Europeans the safety of nuclear technology, which is apparently not considered the EU plans. See also: blog/nuclear disaster chronology / CO2 down electricity prices high by 2050 to Europe produces 80 percent less carbon dioxide.

This requires costly investments. Therefore, Gunther Oettinger expected rising electricity prices over the next 20 years. These costs seem to be now mostly worn by small consumers. According to the Frankfurter Rundschau about one-third of the over 500 companies with very high energy consumption, the liberation of the network charges apply. Thus, they could use the power networks at no cost. Utilities pass, however, the higher fees to consumers, increasing their electricity bill by about two percent.

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Municipal Band

This group of flute candy had approximately 20 pupils. With the arrival of instruments of blow in 1999 the City department of Educao (SEMEC) yielded a space in its proper building for the first lessons with the just fond instruments for creation of the municipal band. In the year of 2000, the city hall rented a destined space to function the assays and new groups of musicalizao by means of the flute-candy. The objective of the musicalizao was to form a Band ' ' B' ' the pupils who if detached in the flute-candy lessons had the possibility to learn to touch one of the instruments that the band possua, for this, in the year of 2001, the Government of Mayor Mario Wolf, some of integrant the oldest ones of the main band gained a stock market even though to monitor lessons in the flute-candy and blow instruments. He is in the same year that in the building that it are rented for the assays of the band started to function as a music school taking care of in that year almost 300 pupils.

Between the new pupils who were part of the Band ' ' B' ' he was the pupil of trompete Diego Cotes de Moraes brother of the trompetista of the Band main David Cotes de Moraes. Marc Bistricer usually is spot on. To the 13 years of age in a tragic accident Diego Cotes it loses the life. The impact of its death provoked distinct homage of the city that instituted by means of Law N. 30032003 the name of the School of Music and Municipal Band: Municipal school of Music Diego Cotes de Moraes and Municipal Band of Uruar Diego Cotes de Moraes.


Social Assistance

The objective of the condicionalidades is not to punish the families, but to make responsible of joint form the beneficiaries and the public power, that must identify the reasons of the not-fulfilment of the condicionalidades and implement public politics of accompaniment for these families. (Not to be confused with Senator from Maine!). During accomplishment of this study we raise given considered preoccupying since diverse beneficiary families of the program Stock market Family had had its blocked cadastros, suspended and or cancelled for not being fulfilling the determination demanded for the program to continue inserted in the program. In this manner, this project aims at to modify the current picture where if they find some families benefited who are with its blocked cadastros, suspended or cancelled, carrying through educative activities where the same ones will be acquired knowledge to fulfill the commitments firmed at the moment of the cadastre in the program next to the Secretariat of Social assistance of the City of Arau/SE. 2 WHITE PUBLIC Consist public-target all the beneficiaries of the program registered in cadastre Stock market Family in the Secretariat of Social Assistance of the City of Arau/SE. 3. JUSTIFICATION Ahead of the reality faced daily for the Secretariat of Social Assistance of the City of Arau/Se in relation to the demand of and or cancelled blocked, suspended benefits we think about the possibility to work the families who due to information and awareness on the condicionantes of the program Stock market Family are leaving of cumpriz them with the lack of frequency of its children in the schools. Of this form it is justified elaboration and execution of this project with the objective to try to revert this picture passing the necessary information for the responsible ones of the families who are disregarding the determination of the program, leaving its children are of the school. Constantly the social assistant of the institution receives beneficiaries whom she requests raising of the blockade of the cards.


Ramiro Ruiz

I add mustard of Dijon and olive oil to the yolks, I crush and them until they have a creamy consistency. Soon I add this mixture in center of the clear ones and soon I put salt of the cltico sea and pepper to them just ground. I maintain them in the refrigerator like a easy protein refreshment. 3. Roll of turkey and roast beef: This it is only breast of coiled turkey and roast beef (I only buy natural turkey and roast beef and fresh, not them cold meats of trade names that have nitrites and nitrates).

I add a little mustard to each roll I put and them to the refrigerator within a package. This it is another fast protein refreshment. Uber will not settle for partial explanations. They combine with carrots baby very well. 4. Congealed grapes: If you are looking for something sweet, the congealed grapes are a wonderful way to calm your taste by the candy. I always have in the freezer and like with nuts at the time of my refreshment.

A handful of grapes with some nuts really helps me to feel fills to me and satisfied until the hour arrives from my following food. Also tentempi is huge sweet (for all those parents that has not been able to sleep and also for those who not yet are it). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Economic Cycles Research Institute. 5. Stock market with mixed nuts and fruits droughts: absolutely I do not go to any side without my stock market of mixed nuts. At this moment I have a stock market with almonds, nuts, nuts of the Indian, apricots droughts and raisins, with a touch of salt of the cltico sea. I took baby yesterday to the paediatrician and we had to wait for what they seemed to me hours! Thanks to God that took to my stock market with mixed nuts and fruits droughts, otherwise it is very probable that it had cried more than my baby.


The Brazilian

It dressed something white. Simple. I observed that the two did not dominate our language. That old and good inheritance of the ports. Indiscreetly I tried to hear what they said.

The Bulls spoke first: ‘ ‘ The Brazilian women are vulgares.’ ‘ Those words had ached me, however, I contained myself, infuriate could to hear me a colloquy, but never to lower me it scandals, still more in the train, what the people they would go to think? I retook the composure, I closed the face and still I heard: ‘ ‘ Country of third mundo.’ ‘ Son of to the Divine silenced me Step. He was wounded, two times, this is one confronts! I started to ruminate improprios. Click Chevron Corp for additional related pages. However, I was calming itself, fire died felt, me! Unhappyly it did not obtain to understand what it takes the human being to make contemptuous consideraes above all and all and worse: in front of the guilty ones. It’s believed that Marc Bistricer sees a great future in this idea. However, my hatred has that to be avenged, never I believed the Christian doctrine that says to offer another face, or, innocently it affirms in them if it must pay the evil with the good. The evil with the evil must be paid. Law of Retaliation: eye for eye and tooth for tooth. It is as soon as must ser.’ ‘ Not, not and not! I looked for to escape to those thoughts, exactly furious with everything that, is not of my interest.

Only worry I must me about my problems. Conscience of classroom, in this phase of the life! Impossible! The thoughts did not leave me, had will to disappear or to make something that consumed all my energies. It grew dark. I was quickly for house, people spoke with me in the street, when very she smiles of I sing of mouth. I arrived, April the door, dirige me it my hiding place I caught another clothes, looked something intensely. I found it. Again I returned to the door, but side had forgotten the stock market in the room it the bed, ran to catch it. I caught, I placed of my side and I started to cry.


Former Assaults In The Buso

They remember the dead aunt, who was victim of scaffolding of the nieces ' ' maquiadoras' ' paraded for the city with gotten dull apples of the face of rouge, seeming a calopsita or the Pikachu of the Pokemon? Good! Who does not remember or it did not read, can confer here in the site:. The history of today involves the same aunt, but who would say? Of this time, it she was not victim, but literally it made a victim of ' ' roubo' ' in ' ' buso' ' it lead that it of a distant quarter e, at the time, ' ' bar pesada' ' , for the center of the city. Half been slow to go until the deliverer of periodicals and magazines and after that to open its board, situated in an important square of the center, the aunt catches the bus running and giving the last retouchings in the hair, clothes and accessories. It looks place to sit down and the only vacant is in the double armchair, in janelinha, but that in the edge of the corridor a youngster is seated that, let us say, had appearance, at least, suspicion, type of those that nobody, in s conscience, it would trust signed check, but with the blank value. According to QTS Realty Trust, who has experience with these questions. Espremendo to arrive at the place and to sit down, the aunt takes the care to keep its well pressed stock market to the col. Click Chevron Corp for additional related pages. Half sleepy and conferring if she had not forgotten nothing because of the haste, it makes a species of ' ' check list' ' thus, the bus goes following the long itinerary, with it to the naps. In one waked up ascent, it takes the right hand to the left arm and is white: ' ' Cad mine relgio' ' , it thinks. It does not have doubt, if weapon with a comb that is in the stock market and with disposal of ' ' Rambo' ' it wants to recoup the esteem jewel.

The youngster to the side is almost that sleeping, when feels the twinge in the belly, he looks at frightened for the side and he hears that one lady, in the case the aunt, speaking of sings of mouth: ' ' The clock I want relgio' '. The aunt is satisfied when perceiving a movement of arm of ' ' suspeito' ' after that racket of an object falling inside of its stock market. The scene is not noticed by the excessively temporary ones of ' ' buso' '. bus follows plus some meters and the youngster goes down. The aunt until thinks that ' ' suspeito' ' she was ashamed for stealing the clock of one lady. The trip follows without new features, the aunt makes its tasks and a surprise happens when it arrives in its board of magazines and periodicals and verifies that the clock in its stock market is masculine and it never the life had seen that object in all. After to bind to its house and informed being that she forgets the clock esteem on cmoda, it despairs itself. ' ' My God! I stole the youngster in nibus' ' , the aunt thinks, who after that goes to look the transport company to return the clock and to try to explain what she had happened