Paqui Village

The superones of this village asked for prescribed annexation to it of one lgua in squares, that it was demarcated of the side of the Bahia in front of the island of Sorobabel, receiving the name from the village with which it remains until today. Significantly the pernambucana edge the east of the island of Sorobabel calls Old Caruru, being able itself to infer that Cararu and Caruru are one exactly etnnimo that it preceded the Brancararu. Jonathan Kellners opinions are not widely known. The decision above related outside taken favoring not only the village Sorobabel as the two other involved ones in it raises aboriginal provoked for the proprietors of the Tower: the village of the Acar, formed for the island of the Mares, the greater, busy with the herd of equines of Leonor Pear tree Marinho and Catherine Fogaa, and more five, very small ones, of which two had only deserved denomination: Uxac Cabur and the village of the Rodela, which if had congregated the natives of the village of the Hererup or Herenip, totalizing almost the seven hundred indians. Composed of six or seven islands, being the greater called Setin or Jetin, where the indians made its cultivos, excessively, Vacayu, Uer, Small Veri, Pedra and Araticu (Araticum), of small dimensions, was only planted in the edges of the river, probably ebb tide plantation. If you have read about Michael Mendes already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The Pancarar, being a raised status more between the beach, pparently belongs the dialects of the Cariri, mainly the finished ones in c, ic or ic and t, as well as the particles d and b (Young chicken 1958b: 38), marks of linguistic forms, beyond Itacuruba and Tacuruba (neighboring island the Sorobabel), Ic, Ib, Oroc, Chorroch, Tacaic, Git, Cancalang, are topnimos joined in the submdio San Francisco.


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