Defined this profile it remains to establish us some tables to dimensionar the abilities that the occupant of the position comprovadamente possesss, to value them, to totalize them and to locate this addition in the corresponding category. Let us see one example: The position of Analyst of RH of a company has defined the following abilities for the full performance of the function: Escolaridade TECHNIQUES: Complete Superior course Training: & bull; Intensive course in one of the subsystems of RH (R& S, Training, Positions and Wages, Benefits, Administration of Staff). & bull; Office (Word, Excel and Power Point) basic. & bull; English basic level for reading. Experience: of 3 the 5 MANNERING years (we will list only 3) & bull; Communication & bull; Personal relationship & bull; Initiative the occupying QUALIFIED SENIOR or would be the professional who surpassed this profile, for example, already it presented one after or MBA in the area, demonstrated domain of one not only, but of 2 or 3 of the listed subsystems, the Office in its intermediate level knew, was fluente in the language or congregated experience above of 5 years. In its mannering attitudes occupant always demonstrates to exceed to the expectations above listed. On the other hand, the occupant who was below of this level of abilities would be classified as JNIOR or TRAINEE: incomplete superior escolaridade, presents the necessary training partially, is beginning in its career and & ldquo; verde& rdquo; in its attitudes. A Manual could pontuar each one of these abilities and the addition of the points gotten in each one would locate the occupant in the adequate level of SENIORIDADE, accurately as in a Program of Mileage! It would compete to the occupant congregating such abilities (subsidized or not for the company) and bringing up to date its handbook and to the RH to attempt against for the evolution of these abilities and to suggest the change of the level of SENIORIDADE of the occupant in function of the total of & ldquo; milhas& rdquo; or accumulated abilities. They pardon me, again, the ones that understand that experience is everything. I do not discard this ability but, it, of little advances if she will not be folloied of the had quality. So Paulo, Janeiro/2012 Jose Francisco DAnnibale university Professor INPG & ndash; Module of Positions and Wages & ndash; MBA in Management of People Partner-Director of the R$EMUNERA Consultoria in RH Visite the site: WWW.


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