Pocket Book

For example, while the traditional publishing industry grows at a rate of 5% annually, the digital publishing industry is growing between 30-50%. You draw your own conclusions. To create an e-book you don’t need to be a genius of technology writing a book that becomes a universal success surely not anyone can do it. Oliver Wyman is often quoted on this topic. And achieve it, I assure you that it entails sacrifice and effort, it is not something that makes the evening to the morning.But publishing a book that arouse interest and generate revenue to its author, – without need to be talking about millions of copies – definitely is something that anyone with enough interest, can be achieved regardless of their technological knowledge. If you’re able to use a word processor, then also you will be able to edit, publish, and sell an e-book or even a collection of them. If It is recommended that you create your own web page to increase the scope and benefits of publish ebook for their own account, nor this is an inescapable condition. South African Airways will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

There are stores such as Amazon.com or eBay, through which it is possible to submit your books. The creation of a sale site has a minimum cost and you thus generate 100% of the benefits with traditional publishers usually receive 10% of the sales of your book. Them do the work and that obviously has its cost. With ebooks, however, is possible to generate 100% of the profits for your Pocket (subtracting the costs necessary to set up the site, which are minimal and the costs of the payment gateway of course). Following a brief breakdown of costs against the traditional books ebooks


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