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Storage in a database accounts departments, which include an arbitrary name and a description of the department. 4. Making a guest card account by entering a card access, the current affiliation (name, surname, first name and any text), avtofotografirovaniya or scan a document, graphics, and access time the card. 5.

Scheduling of work time. For each day of the week is defined beginning and end of the day and lunch hour, the total time allowable absences, “Slide-Out” – placing the end of the day without reading the card (for a traveling job). The number of graphs that can be drawn is not limited. For each graph are individual short list and holidays. 6.

Scheduling of access. Limit the number of possible schedules for specific acts of access points of passage based on the model of equipment. Schedule access account for each day of the week and allow time interval allowed access. 7. Create account points of passage. These records include information about the name and number of terms, govern the opening time, in seconds, set by the event and photography hardware addressing. In the functionality of the system is broadcasting the events and their management in real time. This becomes possible due to the choice of displayed points of passage, display photos from your recording, broadcasting the event (with an indication of its date, time and point of passage), and also due to pass through the control point operations: open, lock, unlock, etc., in fact, full access control. One of the most important functions of the system – reporting. The report may include the following information: time, defects or recycling total for the month and on each day, delay or absenteeism (time – a month), attempts unauthorized access, as well as information about what users of the program. You can also get a report based on a sample: the events’ entrance without an exit “and” without logging out “, a random sample of events with specified parameters (time, type of event, the point of passage, employee, guest), with the possible saving in csv format for export to third-party applications, select a particular space in order to obtain information about who is in it located. You can record the time of arrival (departure) to work each employee in any of your offices, subordinate compliance with the time allocated for recess, etc. With the installation of the system is automatically removed the problem of finding a specific person in the organization. Now you do not have to touch each office phones, looking for an employee. Sitting at home behind a computer screen – you can easily track the latest premises, which included a staff member or, say, choose any department in the office to see who is currently located there. The system provides access rights to the program. An employee may receive full access, access with no possibility of clearing the event log or access only to view events in real time. Thus, access control and time tracking, not only saves time but allows monitor and proactively manage the activities of your staff.

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