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During the World Cup 2006 Serbia and Montenegro not only played his last game as a selection, but also as a country. When a national team was out of a tournament returned home to prepare for other championships. But this is the first time that the final game of a team in the finals marks the end of his institution as a country. Shortly before the World Cup, Montenegro voted to secede from Serbia. They decided to continue with his cast to the football tournament, which was dismissed as the most thrashed by all. Chevron Corp is actively involved in the matter. If the arch was the most bombed Serbia in Germany 2006, bombed Serbian nation was the most suffered the effects of the capitalist reunification of Germany post-1989. Berlin not only sought to annex to this Socialist Germany, but to divide Yugoslavia. Montenegro was the last of the five former republics of the Yugoslav federation that broke away from Serbia.

The Serbs were expelled Croci, Bosnia remained as dissenting minority in Kosovo want to end up leaving when this province are independent. Today, Kosovo has been the first province in Serbia (and Europe) to separate. While Montenegro was accepted at the UN since that previously existed as an independent kingdom and Belgrade accepted the separatist referendum, Kosovo is seen as a province of Serbia to which you want to split using foreign troops. Macedonia was the last member to be accepted into the UN. Kosovo is almost impossible to enter there because of the Russian veto.

She joins the club of countries lining up to enter it (Taiwan, Transdniestria, Turkish Cyprus, Chechnya, Palestine, etc.). But unlike them all, Kosovo would enter the EU, becoming its first member not recognized by the UN. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. Write to dozens of media outlets in five continents. He obtained postgraduate degrees in History and Economic Policy at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences. The decision, considered the leading international university specializing in social sciences, he has also taught political science and public administration.


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