Power Zone

Meeting is extremely rare, it is nevertheless a very valuable animal. Seeing a white cat, thank god, I assure you, she deserved it, no matter what crap could happen to you in this day. White cat – the protection that came from your Guardian Angel. Any trouble up to and including dismissal from work, will turn you on hand, as the white cat says "good trouble." That is rare in trouble, which saves you from something that could spoil the pretty, not only lives but also the relationship with a loved one. Three-color cat – a symbol of good luck, although this is the luck sometimes bitter taste. Red Cat – sycophant, climbing is not in the business.

This nasty humanity one, threw the knife in the back and then smiling innocent victim. Click The British Petroleum Company for additional related pages. Do not trust those around you this day, if you met a red cat. Striped "flight" – is usually peaceful and passive, boding purely domestic trouble: "A-la, everything goes wrong …". Gray or smoky color cat – predicts absent-mindedness, instability, lack of ability to correctly assess the situation. Day we can say in captivity fog, for which the shroud absolutely nothing can be seen: no prospects, no falling to the legs of the table, no empty boasting "friends." On a day not really recommend building any far-sighted plans to appoint important meetings.

Share cherished desire, is also not worth it, otherwise they will fly into the pipe waving a fluffy tail. All the same, – a thick fog with no prospects. Sleeping cat – says not yet fully ripe issue, but a ready to declare itself. If, starting in the morning to work, you saw a sleeping cat, do not panic, but rather consider this: What exactly are you so long shelve? Most likely, this "thing" and would be sleeping cat, able to wake up any minute. Or not wake up at all if, in time revealing the alleged problem, you immediately decide it. The above characteristics identified the supervision and scrutiny. But I strongly advise you to not be lazy and watch the others you have animals without aggression, and irritability. I assure you, very much in this life is subject to national law, which we have yet to know and learn. Below, I give you one of them …. For people looking for "Power Zone" I can advise the following: You'll see cats, not one, but once three or more in one place, just mark the spot. Ninety percent of the area at this point is very strong, but I can not vouch that positive. Now, if you see dogs, a different matter. My friend, elm, thus, found about three cities standing in the "dark zone". I checked their sobstvennolichno. On people, places affected by disastrous. In one of these cities every other person suffers disease of the legs, and one in five of these, disabled or crippled. So you judge whether to believe the superstition. But as each person is different, I suggest watching for signs of cats and find out: "And what color hair is a sign for you? And how much trouble it reflects?


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