For example, in hunting, pastoral tribes, ie, the tribes, where the staple food made by men who exploit women defined by matriarchy distribution of products in an unequal labor contribution of women and men in their production. It is in these tribes have taken place first in the history of human society social revolutions that have determined the transition of these tribes from matriarchy to patriarchy – from the power of mothers to the power of male leaders, from primitive communism to primitive socialism. Exploitation of man by man can not be done otherwise than by means of various well-organized power of the exploiters over the exploited. This fact is most evident in the class stage of development of society, where the power of the exploiters over the exploited is fixed by the state apparatus. This slave states, feudal and capitalist states, period of the so-called classical capitalism. Modern states developed, civilized capitalism have pretty strong institutions of social protection of poor people, institutions, redistribute income from high-citizens in favor of low-income and thereby reduce its activity level of exploitation and social tensions. Exploitation of men by women with natural division of labor between them, determined the unequal contribution of labor between men and women in the production of basic subsistence goods, carried out by the authorities in the form of the authority of the mother, promotes and supports (Forming) the appropriate relationship and thus provide appropriate it equal affection to all his children ravnoobespechivayuschee distribution of vital goods.

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