Precious Metal Clay

With embedding of synthetic or natural stones natural stones can not be cooked to the temperature you need silver paste (both Art Clay Silver and Precious Metal Clay – PMC-), so it is necessary to add them after cooking. Some synthetic stones such as cubic zirconium support cooking. The stone used is This jewel is Malachite. It has crimp with a flat silver thread. As the thread is pure silver could cook with silver paste without black.

Natural stone was inserted after the cooking setting by pressing the thread about it. This one pendant is decorated with a small synthetic stone. The cooking of the piece of silver paste was performed with stone embedded in a gas stove. Effect aged this resource offers many possibilities, allowing silver to have other colors ranging from irises, to marrones-rojizos, then azules-morados, until the end of a deep black. In the market there are solutions for aging silver, ready to use, with fairly good results. Simply mix a few drops of this product with water and then dip jewel of silver in that compound a few seconds. This beautiful gold tone can be achieved in a very short time, since it is one of the first tones which pass silver to begin its oxidation. In the image You can see some blue tones.

After ageing the jewel of jewellery I have polished lines embossed surface to enhance the contrast. At the end of the process the silver is fully aged. In this picture you can see the characteristic black tones of the aged, which suggest that the piece is older than it really is. With enamels on metal fire enamel is glass powder with other components that give color.


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