President Felipe Calderon

We think that the construction of a House ecological is a simple fashion, but is more than that, environmentalism is a style of life, whose maximum philosophy is to respect the environment. And even though the first steps towards a greener life are still small already can think big changes such as inhabit an ecological House. In Mexico, for example, in 2008, the Government of President Felipe Calderon presented a project based on a program of ecological and green homes House plans that will prevent the emanation of more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide. With this initiative, was intended to show that it is possible to combine respect for the environment with the construction of homes for all kinds of families. And it is this type of buildings, due to its characteristics ecosustentables, presented a competitive advantage because it is much less expensive in maintenance than one House normal, to economize on energy that is used, for example, in the air conditioning. Thus, not only it is one option more responsible with our environment, but also cheaper, create modern planes for ecological houses will bring many advantages and more even if we think long term. Comfort and awareness environmental the objective of this type of business is to build green homes that are at the same time comfortable for average families. Such houses are equipped with valves saving energy, high-performance appliances and solar panels.

Well, according to the plans of a House ecologica, which are located in areas with climates ends must have insulating slabs and double Windows. In addition to be built with eco-friendly materials, green homes must be built as far as possible in a sustainable manner in all phases, e.g. counting systems to save water and based with solar energy or even wind. In this sense, of little use ecological materials used if buildings are poorly oriented toward the Sun and need to heat up a lot of energy, emitted daily large quantities of CO2. Reflexiona sobre las casas ecological and this type of constructions and prepare yourself well to undertake in this sector in a friendly manner with the environment.


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