Problem Solving Techniques

Everyone has problems and we solve them. Problems at work, in the family, financial … anyway. But we have problems? We can say that they exist independently of our way of seeing things?. Definitely not.

Human beings are interpretive beings, we give meaning to what happens to us, we interpret the "happening" of things but we only know how, not as they are. For there to be a problem should be seen as such by someone. There could be a problem if nobody sees it that way. Therefore, a problem is just the trial that a human being is formed on what is happening and talk about how the human being is related to that aspect of the events, not the event itself. Epictetus, an influential Greek philosopher of the Stoic school said "what really frightens us, and we are not discouraged by external events themselves, but the way we think about them" Under the previous approach, it seems that everything that makes us suffer, stems from the kind of observer we are, in how we perceive and in which we perceive ourselves. And the kind of observer that we depend on our history, our beliefs, our values, our explanations of how things work and how we function. If all the life we have been victims of circumstances, declare an array of problems than he has always felt that owns their own future. We tend to think that we perceive through the senses and that they give us "objective" information about what is "out there." However, we perceive with our "distinctions" with our "convictions" with our "certainties" with our "concepts" (although the latter word is not appropriate as it is defined as a representation of reality).


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