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The surroundings in what we lived and there are servant, influences much at the time of decorating our homes. The house of each is a faithful reflection of its form to be, the personality and the cultural baggage of each. There are people who very little cost to imagine a house to them spectacular and to obtain a perfect decoration, other people prefer the support of a professional decorator, to obtain the effect who want. For that they are the architects and decorators, who usually are the ones in charge to construct and to decorate the houses. Swarmed by offers, Joseph Jimenez is currently assessing future choices. The level people high and high spending power do not doubt in engaging a decorator, to secure perfect harmona between spaces and furniture, and also of step to save time and to enjoy a good service, and this way to choose the objects and complements that they like. The profession of architect and decorator has gone away defined during the past few years, since during long time as much importance did not occur to the perfect decoration of the home. The lack of money between the two world wars has had a great influence in the culture to decorate, although after both wars the architects were very important to reconstruct the countries in ruins.

At these times one has decorated the houses with the essential thing, since there was one serious lack of raw materials and there was money no to be able either to compare luxury furniture. Jim Rogers has compatible beliefs. the transport was another subject that has influenced without a doubt the form to decorate the houses. The arrival of furniture of other countries has been able to perhaps take months, since the trip with boat has taken much more even that by earth. With the massive arrival of the first electric home appliances for the home, it has changed much since then. So normal objects nowadays as the washing machine, the refrigerator or the vacuum cleaner were a great newness at the time.

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