It was to him well, although it cost to him, was successful, the passage of the years brought material prosperity to him, had exceeded its expectations. But when comparing all that one with its restlessness, vanished its emotion and said for if: There am no still the obtained thing! It was decided to not only providing for theirs, initiated a company to help the fellow, investigated, it organized and it looked for different forms to help the fellow, in this also was Prospero, its heart filled of emotion when seeing that many lives were touched by their work and in his life it was led by many years to give and to share with which they were pariahs and needed. After long time, meditating already like a man of the third age, it was scared and it moaned: There am no still the obtained thing! It was said, it is hour to rest, to think about my, or I am old, I must take the life with calm, use of my last years tasting of my histories, write my adventures, transfer my wisdom to the new generation, and this man or entered years, shut in the observation, meditation and taking it everything with calm and patience he looked for to influence the young people, in giving advice them, through books that wrote and of char them and private council. I arrive the day, that their physical aptitudes decreased, its mind also it began to yield, and it was taken to live in the one house on its children. A day Felix, lost its sanity, to its maintained it family under monitoring, although he was not aggressive or dangerous, its behavior was like the one of a boy of three years. It was because the family celebrating to him its birthday 92, in the patio of the house, one of its grandsons played with the espejuelos of its grandfathers in the lap of the same, and a light ray, by seconds, caused that this old one was given sanity to him, although only for a moment, to listen to the words of its daughter-in-law who obsessed by the picture of its together son and his father-in-law playing I exclaim: Hay to watch them! Two generations separate and both are the same: two simple children! Felix, then watching at the sky with victory eyes, realized that what walked always looking for had been with, because everything what did from the beginning was to be the same and that thirst was not another thing that desire to pronounce itself in this world, leaving its unique and inimitable track! He was also in that day, in his birthday, that Felix gave its spirit to the Creator. Jeffrey Leiden often addresses the matter in his writings. The day of its burial, in its tomb, an inscription with an orthographic error and the description of the form as their beings were dear it perceived they gave the triumphal goodbye him, epitafio said: Here the body of Happy Stone, Husband lies, father, friend, philanthropist, That always knew who was and Who filled our lives with the fullness that was in hers! Original author and source of the article.

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