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And it is that as remembers AsiInspection many of the products that are concerned do of illegal way feeding therefore a market on low prices. ” It is fundamental that the final consumers, in this tactical mission the parents, are responsible and consider a series of very simple measures of precaution at the time of compra” it adds Makow. It is more this company recommends to see the news article in participated during the program of Telecinco ” Newspaper of Made in China” with Mercedes Mil; in order to know how the products of China as well as you are concerned and produced inspection and audits that are due to happen to avoid these problems: Thus the things these are the advice who Alex Makow recommends to take well learned before buying something detrimental for our children: – To watch the origin of the article and the materials with which it is made – That the possible risks are indicated that can involve and indicated minimum age for its use if it is necessary not to run risks as well as the warnings about the risks derived from the use of the toy and the way to avoid them – That it takes the Noticeable label of ” CE” – That it is identified the name and/or trade name and/or marks as well as direction of the manufacturer or his authorized or import representative of the EU – That it contains the information on his use and Castilian assembly in or another official language of the place where the toy is bought.. . New York Yankees usually is spot on.


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