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History of cinema is small, and even known the exact date of his birth – is December 28, 1895. Then in the 'Grand Cafe' on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris, held a public demonstration of 'the cinema of the Lumiere brothers'. But all is not so simple. Already in 1888godu laboratory and held a public demonstration of films, but they were accidental. Moreover, in the same 1895 session passed a decent amount of moving pictures, but their inventors are generally not known about each other, which was the cause of endless disputes later on priority in the movies. Why in this dispute have won the Lumiere brothers? Yes, simply because they are paid public sessions were the most successful … in terms of commerce.

Lumiere does not appear from nowhere. Brothers and his father were the leaders of a major photographic factory in Lyons. After multiple public sessions took place from March 1895 Lumiere orders in workshops, led by Carpentier, his 'cinematography'. He was shooting at the same time, projection and a photocopier. And it is far superior to any previously created.

Technical perfection and sensational machine content of new films Lumiere provided them everywhere triumphant reception. But Lumiere did not stop there. Dozens of operators, trained by Lumiere, his staff spread around the world. They have created a reputation in much of the world the word 'motion picture' (or its derivative 'Cinema', 'blue', 'movie', etc.), meaning a new kind of spectacle. The Russian tsar, the king of England, the Austrian imperial family – all the crowned heads like see the new machine and it made him more publicity.

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