Real Women

The technique of collection of data was the script of interviews of qualitative matrix, since this is not defined for numbers, but yes for enclosing experiences human beings and giving meanings, beyond allowing a vision to them of the individuals, associated to the style of life and values of each citizen. According to Gelain (1991, P. 61) ' ' the qualitative research identifies the characteristics, the meanings of the experiences human beings who are described for the citizens and interpreted by the researcher in some levels of abstrao' '. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili may find this interesting as well. We adopt the Fenomenolgico Approach, that in accordance with Forguieri: ' ' (…) he is that one that accumulates of stocks human existing in its totality, enclosing the sadness and the joy, the anguish and the tranquillity, the anger and the love, the life and the death as polar regions that if they articulate in an only structure, and whose experience of to each one of the extremities, pparently opposing, its Real significado' '. (FORGUIERI; 1990, p.8) For the author, this approach sees the man as a being in the world, that lives deeply the present time, relating this to the last experiences and what it waits of the future. Thus, we opt to a sample of ten women, which had been boarded in boates LGBT, as Clone Mix Bar, and in places predetermined for the accomplishment of the interview. This boarding if developed through nets of contacts, that is, some people went indicating which places would have to frequent to find the women who we needed in order to carry through the interviews. In lower court, we determine the place to be carried through the interviews, after this, was the moment to approach these women physically, object of our study. We first asked to which age its sexual orientation, a time that the place also was frequented for heterosexuals, and after the reply of the same ones, we presented we explained our work that was being developed.


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