Relational Marketing

The business world is constantly using new definitions, that unfortunately most of the times is that generate confusion. One of famous eses definitions is that of relational marketing. More important than the definition itself, is the concept that there is behind what you want to mean with this phrase. The more theoretical may indicate large differences between relational marketing, direct marketing, marketing one-to-one and even those which refer to the subject by mentioning as relational marketing, or CRM, which is definitely the most lost of all. With this article we want to share our insights on the way as the marketing function can make use of the concepts of CRM to develop more personalized messages to your target audience.

To try to explain to our readers the meaning and application of the concept of relational marketing, it is necessary to achieve identify a pragmatic definition of marketing. The definition of modern marketing is extremely wide. To consult the book of Philip Kotler Marketing is a marketing definition such as the following: Marketing is the management of profitable relationships with customers. You can imagine how many activities and functions of an organization are not working to develop profitable relationships with the client? Well, according to this definition Marketing is everything is made in a company that lives to create and keep customers. This theoretical approach of the definition of marketing do not think to help much, without the less spirit to criticize the valuable work of Mr Kotler. When I search for a more pragmatic definition, I believe that it is even more complicated. The reason why I say this is that for more than 20 years working in the business sector, I can not identify two companies that develop their marketing functions in a similar way. The conclusion that I have generated this empirical experience of marketing is that each organization, not to say that each person has their own interpretation of what is marketing.


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