Rio De Janeiro

It was observed that the fixed costs of operational units IF and BA are the item that had influenced in the reduction of the result below of the waited one for the administration. It was verified that the biggest band of invoicing is deriving of the services given in the operational units, that are the existing contracts with public agencies through licitations. As the maximum time of contracts he is five year, if it makes necessary that the company is always intent the new licitations so that this edge does not fall and compromises the general structure of the company. Necessary investment in other areas becomes, so that the company does not depend only on this slice of market. The company informed that she will continue using itself of the model created for semester analyses of its operational units and thus to be able to take decisions on adequacies of its costs and to get better resulted. References ATKINSON.; BANKER, R.D.; KAPLAN, R.S.; YOUNG, S.M..


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