Rocky Mountains

It is necessary because a strategy aware of direct, organize, and plan, the knowledge proper, at the right time, helping workers and employees to Exchange and to put into action, the dexterity of their powers and knowledge, based on complete workday, the bottom of time for each activity, in correspondence with the daily strategic sequence of each employee, system, so you can completing the goals and achieve better business performance. Take into account aspects inherent to the work plan, through the achievement of total quality in the production of products, completed its procedures and regulations, it is an aspect of the first order that in case there is no product would be a proper workmanship with quality of services rendered. An appropriate assessment of the scheduled tasks, good control and check-up of your compliance, change attitude of employees based on the professional self-respect by the labor performed, an appropriate working in teams, are very important aspects in the development of the Organization, without eliminating the concept of the knowledge management, in own initiatives, in performance le features, and in a proper decision-making. Knowledge and practices acquired when they exist in an individual, or group, when they exist, is not guaranteed their use and transfer, and should be shared and understood by other employees, which with your help, can adopt and apply these practices in equal or new situations, and create a new knowledge, by putting it into action, which is collected when and get real results. The work Plan, although part of a personal experience, must be checked and controlled to achieve a systemic compliance. Experience lies because in knowing the background of daily time schedule, and focus on each activity to the fulfilment of the objectives, taking into account the cost, and the necessary scaffolding or resources for good results. Example: how save energy? The exchange of ideas on the management of energy in Chevron, California, Rocky Mountains, more than 100 people gathered in a large workshop of Ideas, making a saving of $ 150 million. .


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