Russian Cities

Russian cities and towns – big and small – are growing before our eyes. Every developer wants to offer an original idea: cottage villages in rustic style, imitation of palaces, homes with views of pristine nature, apartment buildings with computer-controlled life support system .- to what did not reach the human imagination and technical progress. Construction costs are constantly rising, while the volume of demand gradually decreases. Therefore, the beginning of construction of a house without 'highlights' – this is a game of Russian roulette. Sell a house without loss obtained except by accident. What should be the home to dozens of alternatives future new settler chose it? Alexander Fomenko, president of Geotechnical construction company believes that now is the interest of buyers in the greater cause safety and environmental elements.

Although the trend will undoubtedly change in the direction of increasing demand for design and cost of housing. What do you think, what factors increase the value of housing in terms of the buyer? In my opinion, today is the safety and ecology. Safety – is the presence of guards, fences and access systems, life support systems for the control, video surveillance, robust design of the house. If this is a gated development, the same will apply here the presence of round the clock medical aid station. Ecology means clean air, clean water, absence of noise, noxious fumes. By the way this environment is often a decisive factor in the demand for vacation homes. What insulation, window view, design and comfort – they really are not so significant? Certainly significant, but for the average residential and business class in Russia as long as they are secondary.

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