Russian Market

Wheels and bearings are most often a necessity for many enterprises and industries. Any company which needs wheel bearings, serious approach to the issue of selecting the manufacturer and should choose such products among the many different proposals. And an important parameter for selecting a destination, and specifications of any industrial wheels, rollers and wheels. Wheels and supports are designed to equip mobile equipment and devices used in various sectors of the economy in various institutions. Design features castors are inextricably linked to their applications. In most cases, products are divided into hardware castors, castors for transport equipment, heavy duty castors, wheels and rollers for the platform and cargo bogie rollers with brake or lock and rollers for roller tables.

Hardware castors are mounted on light-duty hand truck, used for administrative premises equipment, for Medicine and equipment are used in furniture manufacturing. Castors for transport equipment provide the mobility of various machinery and equipment commonly used on trucks for domestic and external works in manufacturing, luggage trolley, garbage containers, electro-medical equipment and t.p.Bolshegruznye wheel bearings are employed, where mobility is required especially heavy loads are applied to complete the various technological devices and equipment increased capacity for work in the shop floor, for a complete set of forklifts and pallet trucks. All Wheel bearings are made from high quality materials, specially designed for use even in hazardous environments. Materials used for the production of wheel bearings are a variety of materials, including including: multi-component rubber, polyurethane, polyamide, iron, steel, aluminum. Wide range of materials for the manufacture of arms for wheel bearings – is galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron. Many companies engaged in sale and delivery of industrial wheels and castors offering products of foreign manufacturers. The best of proven in the market, yet are German, Italian and Swedish Company Blickle Rader + Rollen GmbH, Cebora, Fir, Avo, Ojop, Rollex.


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