Russian Ministry

And these cases – all the time. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Uber has to say. In the suburbs in most cases done at all tricky. Additional information at Ripple supports this article. First issued certificates of land ownership to legal entities (these same co-operatives), and only then began distributing the shares of the peasants on the same ground. As a result, allocate their shares, they could not. The leaders of cooperatives all land sold, and the former collective farm, at best, have some handouts in the form of compensation for moral damages. Hence, many courts and rallies, which have all seen on tv. In Moscow shares – is a form Stamps, who just can not be anywhere otovarit.

Wrappers. In neighboring regions, it was not the case. There's shareholders – the sole owner of the land and shares there have a real price. So that the board first – if someone offers you allocate or buy stock in the suburbs – not even keep with him the conversation. Remember once.

After all, in the territories trehsotkilometrovoy zone around Moscow shares almost no, all bought and either isolated or are under selection. So what advice the second: buy agricultural land in those who already has her certificate of ownership. What documents should be retained by the owner? Title – the contract (sale and purchase, gift, exchange) may be notarized, may in writing, but always registered in the respective territorial office regional management frs Russian Ministry of Justice with a blue stamp and official seal with the signature of the registrar's it. Confirming the right – a certificate of ownership of the land set sample with stamp and signature of the registrar.


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