Shah Rukh

For me personally, this means that I’m never keen on things like oh, it will do only when I’m 35′. As an actor, you get the possibility with any role played by man to grow and if it still is able to portray it as authentic, if feel your audience can, oh yes this is that kind of person’ that’s your job as an actor. For me there was never a doubt Billu’ to make. I have never think about should I or should I not do it, I don’t know why. Lara Dutta: “to get as an actor the possibility with any role played by man to grow” regarding has grown of the role, the role by the film through and what I owe really Shah Rukh as he asked me to take over the role he said right from the outset clear me there is no usual role of a Hindi film heroine ‘ but he would ensure, that the character in the story is not lost. While we have implemented the story then is has become clear us, that Billus story is the story of his family, the husband, the wife and their two children became a very important part of the story. You have been to the Centre of the story. Starting from this point we have created scenes that develop Billus character. Read additional details here: Permira.

Was the script then during turning changed? No not much, not the scenes as such, but the dialogues, we have developed the integration of role. John Cowan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. What I find interesting is that the characters of Billu and Bindiya are totally different from each other. Yes, he is quiet and serious and she is obnoxious. She’s like all women. We like it when we want to have the attention, and everyone around us. It is also the first time that errant fan and I have worked together, and usually it is a very unusual pairing.

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