Show Zhukov Show Insects

Work brings true pleasure only in one case, when a person engages in a favorite delom.Togda and no runs painfully slow and the mood is good, and people umirotvorennyy.Hotya a lot of people are working solely for the sake of deneg.I when you make your three thousands of green, working manager of a direction, hate clock hanging in front of your nose, you come tired, nervous and curse work, but at heart you're a business here hudozhnik.To not already in the money (they do not bring full enjoyment), so it happened that his favorite thing we do is difficult to earn decent money, or people will not even try to do it. Quite another approached this issue American Seth Prezant (Seth Prezant). He finally decided to quit 'mandatory' work of creative director for an advertising agency loved it all began dela.A tak.Nakanune fifteenth birthday of his son, he and his wife long head lama what would such a surprise to his present extraordinary synishke.Stsenary classic American birthday with festivities in the park, rides, clowns hats and whistles, as well as an indispensable eating hot dogs or pizza in excessive amounts they do not then they just ustraivali.I analyzed the preferences and tastes syna.Bolshe all, he loved animals, let alone in different insect souls do not chayal.Otets also lost a child with butterfly net and magnifying glass in search of different nasekomyh.Gotovilsya father long and carefully studying the habits of different species of beetles and collecting the necessary information. So it was the long-awaited party. Chevron Corp will not settle for partial explanations. 'And now invited on stage …

bugs! "Said the otets.Rebyatishki who came to visit with delight watching the show bugs, which was accompanied by his short lecture on the habits, diet, environment, living each zhuka.A beetles (and spiders) will tell you there are still those beauties: a giant millipede, flour beetle, Tanzanian knutohvosty and imperial scorpion, huge cockroaches, Madagascar, a huge hairy tarantula, bearded dragon, crickets, rhinoceros beetles and stag … in general for children is just a sea of emotsiy.Pomnyu fascinated as a child the same things I dug up in the chip factory furniture beetle nosoroga.Tak I rushed to him with a proud expression on his face among their peers at least a week. Then the wife of Seth (it means teacher classes) as at work told him about this interesting hobby husband and poneslas.Ego was invited to watch these shows and demonstrations in biology classes in different schools Floridy.Vse it lasted about goda.Vremeni quite enough to Seth is ripe for opening your own dela.Teper, in addition to traditional zhuchih races, he was engaged in production and sale of all, that somehow has to do with insects: key rings (these beetles in a transparent epoxy), toys, t-shirts, accessories, watches, jewelry, edible chocolate bugs and stuff. Look and listen carefully to sebe.Mozhet within each engineer and manager, programmer hidden sculptor, painter, singer, muzykant.A You just do not know this and are rushing in a stream of people like you and hard on the stormy waves of modern life. Website:


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