Sobisch Salvatori

The provincial party called Sapag and Sobisch Salvatori is always the same, they can not differentiate among others, is a party that has been ruling the province for more than 50 years. A party who knew how to build a base of militancy so great that today does not support an internal election. No internal elections by which only remains that power to get to the governorate, pressure either a line can fracture post supporter or other positions in most of the sectors of the provincial administration. If the Governor does not access the consensus that the two factions more forts in the party must occupy places in the public administration cannot win one election. Many municipalities have been lost, the match is very large and the amount of posts to deal with are very scarce then how many votes can add Sobisch this year considering he lost presidential elections in its own province to Fernandez Cristina de Kirchner.

An internal election would it separate definitely from the sobichismo without disappointing the electorate that voted him in June 2007 that believes that it is the final change in the province. We should ask ourselves up to where you can endure the people so much outrage to what was promised in election campaigns if later in the Government prevailing partisan interests above the General. Is assumed that this opens an electoral front adverse to Jorge Sapag given that most of the people I vote it would think that you anything changed if a single list is arranged with Jorge Sobisch. How many points of positive image and electoral flow cannot lose Sapag with this agreement by failing to separate definitively from the sobichismo, which is the cost politician if it is there it would have to ask the society. Approaching the date of an electoral review of face to society, both the Governor and their candidates must submit to the will of the people and to revalidate or not what has been done so far in the political field. Original author and source of the article.


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