Social Marketing

Marketing is a peculiar discipline, that tries to work with the rigor of mathematical the extremely human subjects, like the personal tastes, preferences and decisions. For assistance, try visiting Jonah Shacknai. Some of the things to which the marketineros are more adept are the numbers, the rates and the percentage. And it is well that thus it is. The development of these formulas is what allows to somehow mensurar the success or the failure of our actions. But, sometimes, it would seem that they are (or we are) trying to capture the wind, trying to measure as elusivos concepts as " popularidad" , " xito" or in this case " return of invertido". All the formulas are necessarily imperfect. In reference to the ROI, how is possible knowledge the true degree of influence in the decision of purchase of the consumers after to see a publicity in a magazine or a public space? When we tried to interpolate these reasonings to the participation in the social networks, the uncertainties grow. First, we analyze what is the ROI.

The concept of return of investment is applied to any movement of box, or investment of money, and he is not privative of the publicity. If I invest $10 in caramels, and payment $0.50 by each of them I take, them to the school and the selvage to my compaeritos to $0.75 each, I have: ROI= (Benefit-Cost) /Costos That is to say, in this case my ROI is of the 0,5; that is to say, I gained clean half than I invested. Until there, all clearly. However, how we took this to the social networks. Fodder that the first step is to define our terms. Which is exactly our investment? Excluyamos the traditional advertising actions from PPC, because these have control mechanisms of the much more simple ROI. operative Costs (service of Internet, amortization of the use goods, etc ) labor Time (Of whom? It is not just like the Manager of Marketing passes three hours per day taking care of the social networks of the company, to that an employee dedicated to this work does, or that the secretary does from time to time).


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