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And so I decided – on the one married to the other will go to the left. Let's start with, what I love the search traffic: 1) For me, it is more predictable and allows you to make "disposition." Because you can find "their" good keywords and at least a rough estimate of the prospects when released into the "top". Besides it is possible to assess the competition, strategize, etc. 2) It is less tedious for me. All that is needed – a bit of optimization, although this blogger and it is not easy. Further, one can simply "fix" the result of external optimization – getting links from the right resources with the right anchor. 3) I do not need a ram to 4 hours a day buddylist people on social sphere, hypocritical vote for stupid posts or news.

4) If a person came to 100% but the relevant pages requested, and found what he sought, he must remain, happy and grateful. 5) search traffic can be a very long run in "passive" mode, in Unlike "sotsialok," which usually give short-term effect. 6) search traffic will grow in any case, the accumulation of content. 7) search traffic can bring more money. Fly in the ointment: the main mass of bloggers does not like search engine traffic, many, and in general, believe that it is not needed.

In many ways they can be accepted. Blog – veb2nolnaya thing, and articles are written for people, not for search engines. In this regard, the search optimization is difficult, and if you wanted to write a post about "fair weather" or "fucking session", even more so.

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