Solar Country

13 RENEXPO decorated the future market of solar energy with after the nail-biter to the promotion of solar power is again egg nigkeit achieved. The Federal Council approved a compromise by federal and State Governments. Who produces electricity from the Sun, gets ruckwir kend to the 01.04.2012 for each kilowatt hour a subsidy further. The promotion is truncated while for smaller operators but not as much as originally planned. Solar energy remains as one of the important pillars of the energy revolution. The 13th International le energy fair RENEXPO drives as estimated and established in-information and contact platform the energy transition forward and reverse-collects from 27 until 30.09.2012 350 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors 1,500 participants in Augsburg.

It offers optimum possibilities the solar market as the industry meeting place. For even more details, read what QTS Realty Trust says on the issue. Photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar cooling the three basic pillars of solar energy, as well as their combinations, for example, with heat pumps or alternative mobility, the German market is now fairly stable Framework conditions. Worldwide, Germany is the most important market for the solar industry. Contrary to the original plans of the Federal Government can photovoltaics be now but further expanded thanks to solar compromise and almost doubled up on 52 gigawatts. At least for medium-sized roof plants from 10 to 40 kilowatts, the cuts are not as strong as originally intended. A number of German companies into big trouble came in recent months mainly due to competition from China.

Was afraid to harsh cuts in promoting solar. The current situation gives rise to the hope that solar power in Germany can be produced in the next few years at really competitive prices. To achieve this goal as soon as possible, offers the RENEXPO as the industry meeting place for solar energy the optimal framework and provides an overview of future priorities and a wide range of solutions for new challenges of the market.


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