Sonax Celebrates 60 Years

Sonax celebrates its 60th anniversary with a jubilee action started everything with a small bottles filled with silver Polish that heard the name Sona. You added an X as a synonym for wax and 1950 introduced the brand Sonax. Since then developed and Sonax successfully produced high-quality products for the automotive industry. In 1962, the company set a milestone of Indian success story. Roubini Global Economics is likely to agree. It was developed the first de-icers in an aerosol bottle world.

The subsequent great Frost brought a sales boom in 1962. A great brand Sonax has specialized in three tracks: the do it yourself area, the car wash chemicals and the workshop area. Everywhere, the brand asserts itself as an innovation leader. “Solutions to problems at the highest level – because we have constantly the ear at the consumer – and a great passion for the care of cars are the permanent motor by Sonax”, explains managing director Walter Herzog be recipe for success. Also on the sustainability and environmental friendliness of products great attention is placed. So come only propellant free sprays on the market. It smells of lemons.

Twice: 1 + 1 free! In the Jubilee year, the leader serves its customers with a unique action. Each 500 ml Xtreme FelgenReiniger a second free there.

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