Spanish Labor Market Arrived

When will arrive at its aim the fall in the Spanish labor market? Buenos Aires, Argentina 4 of March of 2009 These times of crisis in the global economy are also times of encounters for many Argentineans How he is this? It is that the crisis that underwent Argentina in 2002 caused that great amount of Argentine citizens emigrated towards other countries in search of an economic well-being. And Spain was one of the destinies preferred by the Argentineans. But the crisis is striking so hard in the Spanish economy that many of those Argentineans who had seen a better future in the country of the old continent, are returning to their earth. Will Bundy may help you with your research. The Spanish labor market undergoes like few the present international financial crisis. Only in the month of February, the number of unemployed was increased in 154.058 workers. The global number of unemployed already clears 3.5 million of unemployed. The desperation of the Spaniards before the fragile labor situation has benefitted to the business from bets. The Quiniela broke a record in collection in 2008 when totalizing income by 557 million Euros.

The desperation of the Spanish citizens before the deterioration of the labor market makes resort to any type of salvation. But although the labor market follows in continuous deterioration and the perspective for the same are not the best ones in the next months, from the government of Rodriguez Zapatero trusts that the tendency throughout the present year will be able to be reverted. According to the Secretary General of Red Use, Wonders, the Spanish government: " It actively works with the objective triple to be restraining the destruction of use, to guarantee the cover to the people who lose their work, and to facilitate the relocating of desempleados". For the authorities of the Spanish government, it is necessary to hope until the month of May so that the results are seen on the labor market of the plan of economic stimulus sent by the government of Rodriguez Zapatero and who it considers an investment of 11,000 million Euros so that the municipalities they realise 31,000 public works and they generate around 400,000 jobs.


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