Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss – is an indispensable tool for improvised florist. If you long struggles with rooting capricious, difficult or rare varieties that can help the sphagnum moss. Bactericidal properties of sphagnum moss significantly increase the likelihood of establishment and preservation of plants – to as much as 95%! Sphagnum is very resistant to degradation, due to the high tannin content and low content of cellulose in its structure. Known properties of the marshes, where are certain conditions such that the dead plants can persist for thousands of years without any signs of decay. The composition of sphagnum: polysaccharides, pectins, gums, compounds, proteins, silicon, and antiseptic substances. Sfagnol – a phenolic compound with a strong antiseptic effect. When the plant is rotting, for example, water-logging can save it by removing the damaged part, and the place slice, sprinkle with activated charcoal. Then dies the plant put in a lively, finely chopped sphagnum moss, and define it in the greenhouse conditions.

Sphagnum mosses are acidic – (pH 3,2-4,5). It is possible, even desirable, to use them as a supplement to the ground mixture at planting. Collected living sphagnum moss is about three months. You can, if necessary to freeze and unfreeze it. Very large, and insulating properties of dry Sphagnum moss, which is of great importance in the winter. After all this time on window sills temperatures can fall below the recommended plants. Also available and drafts. But the birds and weave of sphagnum moss nests, but the animals they line their burrows.

Also, people in ancient times, stuffed with moss, sphagnum cushions, used it as bedding for livestock, and they caulked the house. So sphagnum fit in any form – alive and dry. After moss collection, you need to go through it – to clear of pine needles, leaves and debris. Before using it as insulation, you need to douse it with boiling water (you never know what it may be – from the forest after all …), let cool, and can be placed cutting into it.

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