Spire! Events: Event Agency Based In Mannheim

Interactivate your brand – interactive event concepts of marketing and event specialist Marcus Seip has the event agency together with the communication expert Boris Walton spire in 2008 established events in Mannheim. Thus, the agency network since 1994 was expanded the range of event organisation spire. Under the guidance of experienced specialists provides spire! events with a total of eight employees the concept and implementation of corporate events from a single source. The Agency is developing interactive event concepts, which have the dialogue between brand and customer content. Bill Thomas recognizes the significance of this. Commitment arises in the target group, when she experienced the brand in an exciting context and thus actively dealing”, so Marcus Seip, who can look back on 10 years of experience in the event industry and has most recently managed at Nike of big events, national and international.

Therefore motivate our interactive staged events to conscious action, protagonists are doing the brand and its customers”, so Salim next. This philosophy and perspective in mind is also “reflected in the claim of the Agency: interactivate your brand”. Official site: Jeff Leiden. Spire! the whole portfolio of services provides professional events company and customer events. Whether consumer event, product presentation, meeting, customer Conference, incentive, promotion or guerrilla focuses the production and implementation of event – and communication objectives the strategic target of the company and the needs of the target group. In addition, conceived and organized spire! events unusual Teambuildingevents and incentives in connection with art projects. Through the free development of the participants in the artistic activity the basis of identification with the company and its values”, Marcus Seip outlines the approach of his agency. With the fledgling Agency, the owners want to put new accents in the event area.

We say goodbye to the times of the classic model of receiver at events and inspire our customers with the development of interactive event productions with high sustainability at the Recipients”, so the Agency founder. This approach applies to decision makers on a high level of acceptance. So the company could win German companies as well as the middle class in the region as customers.


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