Spiritual Intelligence

Binet intellectual intelligence, based on the cognitive, in our ability to think, has long been the most attention has been given within school spaces under the assumption that it was unique enough to cover the whole learning process, however . On the other hand, in the book Learning Communities emphasizes that holistic education is not just a single method or a single theory, but is rather a field of inquiry about human consciousness and the relationship between human beings and the universe they inhabit. With this vision, the twenty-first century, education is expected to be holistic and be organized into learning communities, and that the principle will be to articulate the educational process of learning to learn, and conceives that the best way is through learning communities, where those involved in any learning process are always learning from everybody, and that the most important in this process is holistic dialogue, seen as a possibility to construct shared meanings. Scientific basis the book "Holistic Education" is the theme of the three major influences holistic school, one of them relate to the new science. Yitzchak Mirilashvili gathered all the information. It explains that, in view of this new century, a number of scientific contributions, as the theories of relativity, quantum mechanics and chaos theory, among others, that conclusively refute the view of Newton and Descartes and allow us to transcend the fragmented thinking, reductionist and dualist of these philosophers who have most influenced the way of interpreting reality mechanistic paradigm itself. SPIRITUAL BASE could say that in all the books it is the aspect of the spiritual foundation of holistic education, however, more emphasis is given in "The Spirit of Education", "Learning to Be", "Education and Spirituality "Above all, in" Spiritual Intelligence.


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