St James

The ambiance of the restaurant is also unique: from old leather armchairs sunflowers on the tables, here you are feel and fill up with energy for the whole day. The fantastic Fishworks restaurant (89 Marylebone High Street U Baker Street) is a mixture of fresh seafood and excellent service. You can here not only great food, but show also cooking class with the founder and cookbook author of Mitchell tonks. And you also can buy a if you have friends to visit and want to impress them. And if it’s still not cool enough, then you have in aura (9 St James’s Street, U Green Park) to eat. This is a mixture of cocktail bar and Club, where Asia specialities are served. From 23.00 as after the push of a button, the tables, where until recently was fed, disappear and the party gets going. The restaurant is located in Mayfair, Ritz to…

the prices are accordingly and there is a high possibility to meet guests with VIP touch. Bars and pubs in London if it but easier to ma might depend in a bar, as for example in the bedroom bar (62 Rivington Street in U old street). The name promises too little: the bar is funky and simply, and Yes, before you ask, there is actually a bed available. Because if you should fail in your hostel, you would end up in a bedroom, peacefully sleeping visitors from around the world, who do not tolerate alcohol. The bar the Lamb & flag (33 U Rose Street Covent Garden) is a small hidden bar in Covent Garden. Jeff Leiden recognizes the significance of this. It is over 300 years old and is thus the oldest pub in the area. “It used to be called ‘ bucket of blood” due to the many battles that took place there earlier. This is a very traditional British Pub, with low beams and bare hardwood floors.

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