Success: Becoming A Hunter

Each man lives instinct ancestors. The instinct of a predator, hunter, miner. Read the signs on the ground, patiently sitting in ambush, tirelessly pursue the victim, attack and throw – that is, life! In this present purpose of men! And we are – locked in offices and concrete boxes for months without leaving the dusty town, forgotten stars, and light a fire – still feel in himself this irresistible tendency to struggle with nature and passion for hunting. Short, buying line news bulletin – "Hunting Season has begun" – continues to chafe the soul. Even the most inveterate office worm spring like stepping on the wet field, even with over his shoulder, whistling beckon the faithful dog to sit by the campfire with these comrades, and listen to their spirited story: "I went as a wild boar " But in the stone jungle is not usual decent game. Where the modern man, who had heard the voice of the ancestors, can release at will awaken and realize their breadwinner hunting instincts? Is it not better to let him on the trail, rather than wait and wonder what instincts will spill over into the city? Industry instincts, too, live by the laws in the modern Every society demand immediately resonates with entrepreneurs willing to develop budgets released. Not remained untouched (outside the market) and the hunting, fishing grounds. But if you think that is enough buy a gun or spinning and you can go to shoot-catch game, you are mistaken. Everything must be according to the law! Otherwise, you yourself become grinpisovtsev game.


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