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Reacting to pinch valves in Europe confirmed its quality and customer friendliness Trebur, 22 July 2010 the AKO resident of the Hessian Trebur has fittings & Separat transmissions GmbH as a specialist in the manufacture of pneumatic pinch valves worldwide a reputation. AKO in Europe of the market leader for pneumatic and fluid-operated pinch valves has subsidiaries in France and England, as well as 13 country offices. But worldwide, the company has distributors in the United States, Asia, and Australia is represented. AKO has specialized in the development and manufacture of pinch valves at an early stage and enjoys a rapidly growing industrial use. Use the AKO pinch valves pneumatic materials and liquids without much effort can be separated, regulated or metered. The center of each pinch valve represents a cuff, which is pressed by compressed air or liquids together and prevents so the flow of materials and solids liquids. Thus this cuff is sure can close, enough already air pressure that is stronger than the pressure of the flow product to 2 bar. The pinch valve custom-built by AKO closes the run lippenformig so that the blocking of the flow of material is hermetically sealed and the valve reaches the higher life.

Then release the cuff the pressure in the pinch valve under the material flow pressure is lowered and the valve via the resilience and the pressure of continuous fluid back to its original state. Both the closing and the opening process can be this manually and also automatically continuously, which prevents a malicious clogging. The advantages of the AKO pinch valve is driven by compressed air or liquid explain the growing use in waste water treatment, as well as pharmaceutical and food industry. Through a variety of combinations of materials, flange or internal thread finishes, there is an abundance of other application areas. All Versions of the pneumatic pinch valves can be found under… / pneumatic pinch valves… . AKO achieved also custom designs that differ from the standard versions for special requirements for material or size.

All products, which distributes AKO worldwide are certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and meet the high quality requirements of the industry. 1984 by Antoine Kopp launched, he leads the AKO fittings & separation GmbH today together with Frederic Kopp as a successful family business. For the European market leader in the manufacture of pinch valves, customer-friendly and fast service are still quality standard. Even short-term orders can be accommodated due to high inventories, also rarely in demand products.

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