Symptoms Of Back Pain

Back pain is your own symptom. However, there are ways to feel back pain, and your symptoms will depend on what is causing the pain and the part of the affected column. Back pain can be acute or chronic. Acute pain lasts between four and six weeks, but chronic pain is persistent, long-term, and sometimes lasts a lifetime. In some cases, people who have chronic pain may have episodes of acute pain. Back pain may be sudden and intense, or rather dull. The pain can occur with movement or even coughing or sneezing. Furthermore, we can feel his arms or legs numb.

(Symptoms in the legs are often called sciatica, and are caused by the pinching of a nerve). It is important that you receive an appropriate treatment for their back pain. Seek medical attention if your back pain persists, and do it immediately if you experience back pain along with any of the following emergency signs: 1. pain significantly increases 2. Pain affects the daily activities 3. Severe symptoms 4. Numbness or weakness of the 5 legs. Numbness, tremor or weakness in the arms or hands 6. Loss of control of bowels and bladder during the consultation the doctor, chiropractor specialist will ask you questions and perform some basic tests. The objective is to try to identify the cause of your back pain and prepare a treatment for you: how to manage your pain and other symptoms and help him recover.

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