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Paulo Stock Exchange

2.5.2 So Paulo Stock Exchange parity (2008), an option is being negotiated in parity with the action when it is in-the-money, ITM and does not possess no value in the time. Its value is only intrinsic value, does not have … Continue reading


The Decision

Lesson for the crisis: the cost of chance to approve the thousandth loan subprime very probably will be the bankruptcy of its bank. Rational people think about the edge: the decisions that we take in the life are rare in … Continue reading


Marketing Mix

MARKETING MIX. Introduction the marketing concept has since has very despertado the interest of some scholars, therefore today an organization becomes almost impossible, either it with lucrative ends or not, to reach its objectivos (mainly of financial nature) without the … Continue reading



The capitalists come across themselves with its competitors of market, in result of this they make a bigger investment in constant capital doque in changeable capital, diminishing the unitary value of the merchandises eauferindo an extra profit. However, these favorable … Continue reading


New Wills

Why? Because glory without GOD does not exist, who everything creates. JESUS, the GOOD SHEPHERD the thief only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy; I came so that they have life they have and it in abundance. Evangelho … Continue reading


Mail Marketing

There is no doubt that e-mail marketing is one of the most popular tecnias to boost sales. Unfortunately, its value has been diminished because of the abuse that many webmasters have committed, trying to use it in a disproportionate way. … Continue reading

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The fast way most easy and to place all its mini sites in the automatic pilot! Vendendo and delivering its infoprodutos automatically and generating income 24h per day! It gains more time and money with this system tested and approved … Continue reading


Federal Treasury Department

* for Anderson Hernandes Apple, Google, Microsoft, Petrobra’s, Group Bread of Sugar and Federal Prescription. What all these names have in common? All are ' ' empresas' '. If it does not frighten, the treasury department today is managed and … Continue reading