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Learning Assessment

EVALUATION OF LEARNING numerical evaluation understood as accreditation is an important part in school life, in the development of relations is brewing there is often the only parameter through which to evaluate students who are learning skills. Evaluation as more … Continue reading


Personal Training

When a man is something very desirable, it is primarily an image of what he gets. Whether it's a flat, car or a new stage in his career. And then just need to set a target to achieve its goals. … Continue reading

General ,


When initiating this report, the first step was to literally search the concept of education and formation: ' ' Education: Act or effect to educate (-); Process of development of the physical, intellectual and moral capacity of the child and … Continue reading


Audiovisual News Education

It follows below the stages that will succeed the activities: At the first moment the work will abide in the presentation of videos and journalistic texts on the violence shown in the local media and some manchetes. After that we … Continue reading


Kleiman News

E, even so the work with the reading of these texts it aims at to have a more critical perspective of the world, perceives that many pupils when arriving at Average Ensino, do not have necessary criticidade to this pertaining … Continue reading


Work And Education

It is fact that such changes still occur and influence in such a way the education how much the work nowadays. Considering the mentioned questions above and analyzing the vision the authors, it is understood that the same ones deal … Continue reading


Work Relationships

How much you feel a problem of relationship with the colleagues? When estora everything. When you feel problem with the pupil? When estora everything. Burnout estora before. It allows you to intervine before in the work process. the technology that … Continue reading


Crock Cooking

A hard day at work. You get home and need dinner. Nothing in the fridge, nothing in the closet. To carry again. The portfolio just do not fit much longer. Re-wind. A hard day at work (sorry can not help … Continue reading


Translation Market

The translation market is flourishing in recent years in very specific proportions. An ever-increasing globalization, the admission of new EU Member States and the consequent enlargement of the EU official languages – these are all reasons for the particular upswing, … Continue reading


North American Independence

Whichever the positioning of the continuity or rupture between modernismo and after-modernity, is well-known that it had changes in the social, economic relations and politics. Adopting this notion of after-modernity, we can better understand the change of paradigm in the … Continue reading