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Translation Market

The translation market is flourishing in recent years in very specific proportions. An ever-increasing globalization, the admission of new EU Member States and the consequent enlargement of the EU official languages – these are all reasons for the particular upswing, … Continue reading


North American Independence

Whichever the positioning of the continuity or rupture between modernismo and after-modernity, is well-known that it had changes in the social, economic relations and politics. Adopting this notion of after-modernity, we can better understand the change of paradigm in the … Continue reading


Tips Test Taking TOEFL

Tips to take the toefl Review and the toefl test. Most countries provide an opportunity to pass the toefl on the Internet (iBT). Other the other hand, allowed only in writing (PBT). So you need to decide on what format … Continue reading


Maubert Work

The reason mobinga can become anything. Banal envy, you get more than a colleague or looks better than them. Someone’s ambitions or plans, you turned out to be an obstacle on the path to the desired seat. Passing offense, you … Continue reading

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Climate Change

The planet is heating up, from the North Pole to the South Pole, and everywhere. Effects on the rising temperatures and climate change are not doing wait or come in a distant future. They are happening right now. The signs … Continue reading

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Thus, it is necessary to know that autonomy means … the capacity that the citizen acquires to formulate the proper laws and rules during its process of development and by means of the relations established with the others, in the … Continue reading


The Commentary

When entering in contact with this way to look at the world, I remembered an episode in my professional experience where one of the children, a boy around the nine years of age, danced very in a party promoted for … Continue reading


Cristina Thin Coll

Ana Cristina Thin Coll (2005), says that the children not only accept, reproduces and imitates what they see on the part of the adults, but that also they recriam, they modify and also, they transgress some rules and norms imposed … Continue reading


London Tests

Since 1953. ESB provides an opportunity for all students regardless of their age, ability or level improve their skills in talking and listening. ESB recognizes the individual differences that enrich the English language, but believes that clear and effective communication … Continue reading

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Microsoft Excel

For 15 years, "Company 11 7" is a leader in the design of the heating system "warm floor". We were among the first who suggested the use of floor heating, as a unified system of space heating. "Company 11 7" … Continue reading

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