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WPS Powerline

The NBG-318s, the multi-talented network from the ZyXEL home is part of the current BestSeller campaign as Powerline adapter, wireless router, wireless access point, Ethernet switch or firewall, the ZyXEL NBG-318 S can be used in many ways. Therefore it … Continue reading

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The Customers

“I wanted to talk directly with the customers and define the requirements to me. Besides, I thought due to the English description: prima may times a few days after London, that was always my favorite target. The client liked the … Continue reading

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“Solution providers for project management software for ‘ TOOLTIME 2010 – battle of tools’ Munich, August 19, 2010 – PMI chapter Austria opted for users of project management software with the event Tooltime 2010 battle of tools” something special: 10 … Continue reading

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MOVEit Ipswitch File Transfer In Use At Lantiq

Lantiq uses MOVEit Ipswitch file transfer, to protect its technical data and to secure its work processes of semiconductor specialist opts for the easy-to-use, reliable solution by Ipswitch file transfer, with an excellent price performance ratio characterized Frankfurt, Germany, 2 … Continue reading

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Plates That Betray Nothing: Eraser For PCs

What to do if you sold a disk or disposed of? Almost every hard drive containing sensitive data: passwords, account information or confidential emails. Ulm, 05 November 2008 – what to do if you sold a disk or disposed of? … Continue reading

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4 GB Corsair Dominator TWIN2X4096!

Taken the new Corsair memory more under the magnifying glass! For several months the working memory in Germany in the basement prices. Obtained for just under 50.00 a 4 GB RAM DDR2-800 memory package. Also the slightly higher clocked memory … Continue reading

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IBS Portalconnector

It supports and helps IBS to avoid waste of the company and to secure the benefits of a lean manufacturing with high quality for the customer. Web portal connection and complaint management for manufacturers and suppliers of IBS Portalconnector allows … Continue reading

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Connected Internal Security

“Dortmund, October 31, 2007: to effectively guard against internal abuse of data, the solution Intraprotector has the television channel RTL television GmbH” the COMCO AG implements. This system is used to network monitoring, identification of attacks, localization of attackers and … Continue reading

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Virtualization for automotive on ARM platform Berlin – the software manufacturer OpenSynergy ARM join connected community, one of the leading industrial ecosystems for ARM products and services. Thus, the company receives access to extensive resources to faster market of existing … Continue reading

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ImpressCMS 1.2 Beta Available

now with social network and free profiles, the ImpressCMS team has released the version 1.2 beta of their content management system written in PHP. In this beta version was the main focus in the profile module. As a result the … Continue reading

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